“Pay As You Throw”

In 2017 so far, Andrew Baram has disposed of seven bags of trash. This seems like an impossible feat to the general public, but to Baram it is an attainable lifestyle. Watch as Baram advocates for the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) movement.

Created by Freya Bairdsen and Chris Baker Evens, with guidance from Point Park University Professor Christopher Rolinson. Evens, Bairdsen and Rolinson participated in the 2017 Multimedia Workshop, hosted by the Point Park University Environmental Journalism Program. During the two-day workshop, students and mentors were paired up and sent out to report on an assigned story topic, with the deadline set to 5:00 the next day.

A big thank you to our mentor, Christopher Rolinson and to Tom O’Brien and Andrew Baram for participating!

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